National Eat Outside Day

People have been finding ways to eat outside for years: picnics in the park, outdoor seating at restaurants, packed lunches on the beach. But did you know that this fun summer pass-time can actually be great for your health?

Eating outside has a bunch of benefits for your body:

1. Stress reduction:
The fresh air and sounds of the great outdoors are great at reducing stress levels in your body. This promotes better digestion, focus, and metabolism.

2. Vitamin D: The “sunshine vitamin” is amazing for our bodies. It helps keep your bones healthy and your immune system strong.

3. Mindful eating: When we are relaxed, it is easier to practice mindful eating. When we are more aware of the food we are eating we can enjoy the tastes and textures more, and we are more likely to stop eating once we are full.

Ready for your picnic? The Remedy Exchange has great to-go options for the whole family! Come grab a salad and a smoothie (or one of our delicious kids’ menu items) and head down to your favorite outdoor spot. Let’s celebrate National Eat Outside Day together!

*Please inform your server of any food allergies or restrictions before placing your order.

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