Back To School

Back to School


Now that school is back in session, after-school snacks are a crucial part of your child’s day. Getting the right nutrition will help your mini-me feel their best and do their best. Kids who aren’t receiving the right nutrients on a regular basis have been shown to struggle with low-energy levels and poor focus, which can significantly affect their performance in school and other activities. The Remedy Exchange wants to help kids feel their best, so we’ve developed our kids’ menu to make it easy.


Peanut Butter Energy Bites:

These little bites are a huge hit with kids (and grown-ups, too). The chickpea and peanut butter base is high in protein and fiber, while the whole-rolled oats deliver slow-digesting carbs that provide sustained energy until dinner time. We sweeten these guys with 100% pure maple syrup and none of the fake stuff.


Chocolate Hummus and Pretzels:

For little ones with allergies, try our chocolate hummus. Served with gluten-free pretzels, this chocolatey treat is full of fiber to keep them full all afternoon. This snack pack is free from nuts, dairy, and gluten to ensure that every child has access to the right kind of snack.



If you have a kiddo who doesn’t like eating fruits and veggies, our smoothies are the perfect way to sneak them in. Vitamins and minerals are vital for the body- that’s why we make ours with a variety of fruits and vegetables. There are two kids-sized smoothies that are sure to please the pickiest eaters.

Welcome Fall!

Welcome, Fall!

As we enter the middle of October, flavors of fall are taking over! The Remedy Exchange has developed brand new menu items inspired by all of your favorite fall ingredients- and they’re packed with nutrition to help you start the holiday season off right!

Vitamin K: This nutrient is helpful for blood clotting, which is an essential function in the body. It also promotes bone health and eye health! You can find this nutrient in all of fall’s orange treasures- pumpkin, yams, carrots and butternut squash are four fall foods that are packed with Vitamin K!

Spices: Yes, pumpkin spice is good for more than making a tasty latte. Pumpkin spice is actually a combination of cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg- all of which have health benefits. Cinnamon helps to regulate blood sugar and contains high levels of antioxidants. Both cinnamon and ginger are shown to be anti-inflammatory, while ginger has the added benefit of reducing nausea. Nutmeg is high in minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron and manganese. Put these all together and you have drool-worthy flavor with a wide variety of benefits.

Enjoy all of the deliciousness that fall has to offer while treating your body to these amazing superfoods, and don’t forget to check out how The Remedy Exchange incorporates these tasty treasures into our limited-edition menu!
*Please inform your server of any food allergies or restrictions before placing your order.

National Eat Outside Day

People have been finding ways to eat outside for years: picnics in the park, outdoor seating at restaurants, packed lunches on the beach. But did you know that this fun summer pass-time can actually be great for your health?

Eating outside has a bunch of benefits for your body:

1. Stress reduction:
The fresh air and sounds of the great outdoors are great at reducing stress levels in your body. This promotes better digestion, focus, and metabolism.

2. Vitamin D: The “sunshine vitamin” is amazing for our bodies. It helps keep your bones healthy and your immune system strong.

3. Mindful eating: When we are relaxed, it is easier to practice mindful eating. When we are more aware of the food we are eating we can enjoy the tastes and textures more, and we are more likely to stop eating once we are full.

Ready for your picnic? The Remedy Exchange has great to-go options for the whole family! Come grab a salad and a smoothie (or one of our delicious kids’ menu items) and head down to your favorite outdoor spot. Let’s celebrate National Eat Outside Day together!

*Please inform your server of any food allergies or restrictions before placing your order.